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Syrian Army Destroyed Terrorists’ Defense Lines in Southern Damascus

The Syrian army intensified its air and ground attacks over terrorists’ positions in Southern Damascus, breaking their defense lines in several points.

The army forces advanced towards Hajar al-Aswad region on Thursday after heavy clashes with the ISIS terrorists in Sabineh in Southern Damascus, regaining control of several points.

They also killed tens of terrorists in fierce clashes in al-Yarmouk and al-Thalathain streets, advancing in the region.

Meantime, heavy fighting is underway between the army units and the ISIS terrorists in al-Shohada region in Palestine street in Yarmouk refugee camp.

Field sources also reported that most bases, positions, command centers, arms caches and ammunitions of militants were destroyed in heavy airstrikes and artillery attacks of the Syrian army against the terrorist-occupied areas in Southern Damascus, breaking their defense lines.

They added that the army has now intensified its ground operations in the region, facilitating liberation of Southern Damascus in the near future.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian army continued its mop-up operation in Southern Damascus and destroyed a security headquarters of Jeish al-Islam, killing a notorious commander of the terrorist group.

Sheikh Abu Al-Bara, a senior commander of Jeish al-Islam in Southern Damascus, was killed in the Syrian army operation near al-Zain, East of Hajar al-Aswad, the Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper reported.

Several other Jeish al-Islam terrorists were killed and wounded in the army assault on their positions in Southern Damascus.

Meantime, tens of the ISIS terrorists, including their senior commanders, were killed in the army’s air raids and artillery attacks in Damascus province on Wednesday.

Several foreign terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Libya and Jordan were among the terrorists killed in Damascus province

Source: Fars News

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