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US refuses to comment on new base in Syria

According to AMN News, the US-led coalition did not comment on reports on the creation of an alleged new US military base in norteastern part of Syria

On April 25, the Lebanese Al-Manar TV network reported that the US military established a new base in the Syrian province of Hasakah, and France sent military convoys to the base.

“For operational security reasons, we will not speak to our numbers or locations of our troops,” the coalition spokesperson said.

The representative of the coalition underscored the unchanged character of its mission “to defeat ISIS in designated parts of Iraq and Syria, and to set conditions for follow-on stability operations.”

“We will transition to meet changing commanders’ needs and mission requirements in a complex environment,” the spokesperson added.

According to the media report, several US military columns, including armored vehicles arrived in Hasakah and later proceeded to Shadadi, while military vehicles allegedly under French flag followed into the area in northwestern Hasakah.

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