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Syrian Army Intends to Isolate ISIS Terrorists in Two Strongholds in Southern Damascus

The Syrian troops continued its advance in Southern Damascus, readying to drive a wedge between the terrorists’ two key strongholds of Yarmouk refugee camp and Hajar al-Aswad region.

The army forces continued clashes with the ISIS terrorists in Eastern Hajar al-Aswad, and earned control of Younes clinic, a telecommunication center and Manif al-Anedi school.

They also extensively advanced in al-A’alaf region in Western Hajar al-Aswad by capturing several buildings.

A field sources said that the army troops have advanced in two fronts, adding that they are only 250 meters away from reaching their comrades and separating Hajar al-Aswad from Yarmouk camp.

Meantime, the Syrian army launched massive airstrikes and artillery and missile attacks on ISIS positions and moves in the region, breaking the terrorists’ defense lines and forcing them to withdraw from their bases.

Tens of militants started leaving the Yarmouk Refugee Camp for Idlib province on Tuesday after they reached an evacuation agreement with the Syrian Army.

Five buses carrying 200 militants and their family members left Yarmouk Camp for Idlib via a checkpoint near al-Batikhah square in the first phase of the evacuation plan in the region.

Also, 40 people who had been kidnapped by the militants in the town of Ashtabraq in Idlib and three ambulances carrying a number of residents of the besieged towns of Fua’a and Kafraya were transferred to al-Eis passageway in Southern Aleppo.

A sum of 1,500 residents of Fua’a and Kafraya will leave the towns for government-controlled regions in the first phase of the agreement, and 3,000 more will leave the two towns in the second phase.

On Monday, the militants based in Yarmouk Camp agreed to leave for Northern Syria after reaching an agreement with the Syrian army as the government forces tightened their noose on the terrorists.

Source: Fars News

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