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Hundreds of Militants Prepare to Leave Southern Damascus

Hundreds of militants are getting ready to depart from three districts in the Southern part of Damascus province under a negotiated withdrawal to secure the last rebel holdouts of Damascus.

The departures come two days after a similar deal was reached to evacuate fighters once linked to al-Qaeda from Yarmouk, a Palestinian camp in Southern Damascus, massdar news reported.

Around 5,000 terrorists and their families are expected to leave, fulfilling an agreement reached on Sunday between the Syrian government and the militant groups.

The deal was reached after “negotiations between figures from the three towns on one side, and Russia and Damascus on the other,” according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitor.

Those rebels who wanted to leave for the North could do so, and those who wanted to stay would abandon their weapons and have their status with the Syrian state regularized.

Beit Saham, Yalda, and Babila had for several years fallen under a “reconciliation” agreement with the Syrian state, meaning they remained in rebel hands but a local ceasefire was enforced.

Source: Fars News

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