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Militants Start Surrendering Heavy Weapons to Syrian Army in Homs

Today the militant groups started delivering their heavy weapons to the Syrian troops within the framework of a peace agreement to evacuate Northern Homs and Southern Hama for other militant-held regions.

The militants, deployed in Northern Homs, have started handing over their heavy and semi-heavy weapons to the army.

Some of the militants moved their vehicles and heavy military equipment to al-Rastan bridge region and handed them over to the army.

Based on the agreement, those terrorists who do not intend to join the peace agreement must leave the region for Idlib or the town of Jarabulus in Northeastern Aleppo and the remaining pockets of the militants are allowed to apply for government amnesty.

Media sources reported on Wednesday that the terrorists in Northern Homs and Southern Hama reached a peace agreement with the Syrian army to leave the region after negotiations.

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