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Syrian Army Getting Ready for Large-Scale Offensive in Northern Hama

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, the Syrian Army and the allied forces have been striking terrorists’ positions in Northern part of Hama regularly to pave the ground for an imminent large-scale offensive in the region.

It is also reported that the ar tillery and missile units as well as Aviation have been striking terrorists’ strongholds, headquarters and supply routes to weaken their defense lines before its large-scale operation in Northern Hama.

At the same time, the Syrian aviation continue striking the terrorists’ gatherings in Northern Hama, destroying one of their key bases.

The fighter jets also attacked the terrorists’ fortifications near the settlements of Kafr Zita, al-Latamina, al-Hamamiyat and al-Zakah.

During this raid one of the main bases of Jeish al-Izzah terrorist group was  completely destroyed and dozens of jihadists were killed.

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