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The last rebel group to leave southern Damascus

The last group of militants are expected to leave areas in southern Damascus as more busses are preparing a long trip to the country’s north.

At least 1500 militants and their families are expected to leave, their positions in Yalda, Babila and Beit Sahm settlements after accepting an evacuation deal with the Syrian government.

Militants of various groups who refused to reconcile had earlier handed over their weapons as stipulated in the deal.

Up to 40 buses have already entered this area for the evacuation.

Nearly 8000 jihadists escorted with their families have previously left in 5 batches.

With in the agreement, the Syrian government will take over the three towns once the evacuation is completed.

At the same time, street fights intensify as Syrian forces crackdown on ISIS jihadists in Hajar Aswad neighborhood.

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