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New American Military Base in Manbij to Increase Tensions between Turkey and US

Tensions between Ankara and Washington seem to be on new levels after the Kurdish milita revealed establishment of a new military base for the American forces in Manbij in Syria’s Aleppo province.

On May 9, spokesman for Manbij’s Military Council affiliated to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Sharfan Darwish noticed that the US forces have set up a new military base in Manbij in Northern Syria at the borders with Turkey.

He also stated that the French forces have been stationed in the military base with the aim of monitoring and protecting the borders, adding that the base has been established immediately after the Turkish troops and its allies’ attacks on the Kurdish forces in Afrin and Ankara’s repeated threats to enter Manbij.

Experts say military assessments show that establishment of a new military base in Manbij that comes in the backdrop of US President Donald Trump’s pullout pledge will exacerbate tensions between Washington and Ankara.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, a long convoy of Turkish Army vehicles arrived in Western Aleppo to set up the tenth truce monitoring point.

The Turkish army sent a convoy, including 60 military armored and military vehicles, to al-Rashedeen strategic region in Western Aleppo via Kafr Luseen passageway.

Militant-affiliated sources claimed that the Turkish army is planning to set up its tenth truce monitoring point after arrival of the new convoy.

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