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The Real Price of the Deal with the U.S.

Well, the U.S. withdrew from a nuclear deal with Iran as we proposed.
There are no significant facts about Iran’s violation of the deal. The Independent tried to explain Trump’s strategic mistake but failed as didn’t answer in its article all the answers raised on why the world in the name of Washington is going mad.

In fact, all other guarantor countries believe that Iran did not violate anything essential in the main details of the deal. Nevertheless, under the pretext of Netanyahu’s pictures, as well as Iran’s ubiquitous accusations of ‘sponsoring terrorism’ the United States stepped over through another deal, signed by them. This is a fairly typical example of what the real price of the deal with the U.S.  in the modern world.
Many will take this moment into account in the future and especially North Korea, and the region itself is likely waiting for further aggravation, as Saudi Arabia and Israel wanted. In addition, it was announced the resumption of the sanctions against Iran.
The U.S. deal provides the opportunity for Iran to start developing nuclear weapons, stop inspecting its nuclear facilities and exporting the necessary raw materials abroad, citing the fact that international guarantors can do nothing to protect Iran from the United States.
In general, with the efforts of Riyadh and Tel Aviv, the region will receive another or several wars.

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