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HTS Struggle for Spheres of Influence in Idlib

Hayat Tahrir al-Cham’ media wing named Ibaa group published a statement on the disclosure of a sabotage network in the province of Idlib. The statement indicates that Russia and the Government of Syria began organizing subversive activity and support detachments in the territories held by the radicals.

Briefly it may be possible. HTS claims they usually find certain cells of its opponents, who are engaged in subversive activities in the province of Idlib. They usually arrest many militants of competing terrorists’ groups also subsequently extraditing them of supporting the Islamic State or other organizations whose involvement in the Islamists Idlib is unequivocally a compromising sign. While the HTS has not presented any evidence to its applications.

Thus all their activity in this field looks like some kind of power struggle for spheres of influence.

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