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FSA militants surrendered to Syrian army in Northern Homs

This morning, high-ranking Free Syrian Army (FSA) field commander, named Manhal Solouh, and a group of his militants took a decision to lay down arms and weapons and surrender to the Syrian army in Northern Homs.

Notably, Solouh and his associates then asked the Syrian governmer to join the Syrian army units to fight various terrorist groups.

This week, the Syrian troops have already imposed control over the vast territories in northern Homs and southern Hama after transportation of thousand terrorists and their family members from dozens of settlements, and towns to nother Syria.

Earlier, the government forces liberated more than 200 sq/km. At the same time, Thousands of jihadists and their family members that rejected the peace agreement were trasfered from al-Houleh and Talbiseh areas in Northern Homs for Idlib on 73 buses.

Then the army units imposed control over 15 settkements and villages in Northern and Northeatern Homs and 10 regions in southern part of Hama.

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