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Syrian army killed 3 terrorist commanders in Hama

The Syrian army units successfully repelled militants’ attackon their key positions in the northern countryside of Hama, eliminating dozens of fighters, including three high-ranking field commanders.

This afternoon the government forces engaged in fierce clashes with the jihadists who tried to enter one of the Syrian army’s position in Zalin area in northern Hama from al-Latamin.

The government forces also initiated  an artillery and missile attacks on terrorists’ fortifications near Kafr Zita and al-Latamina, killing a at least 15 terrorists and destroying one of their military hardware.

According to Inside Syria Media Center Sources, during these clashes, the Syrian troops eliminated three high-ranking terrorist commanders, including Mostafa al-Ibrahim, Hissan Mahmoud Aburas, and Mohammad al-Hussein.

 In a similar circumstances, more than 17 militants were killed in the field operation both in northern and western Hama when missile and artillery units shelled terrorists’ positions in Mahrada Power Plant.

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