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Workshop for producing arms detected in Southern Damascus

Syrian army detected dozens of sophisticated equipment used by various terrorist groups to manufacture mortar shells and dig tunnels in villages south of the capital.
According to military sources,in the newly liberated southern settlements of Babylon and Beit Sahem, demining brigades also found hundreds of improvised explosive devices, mortar shells and rifles of various calibers, some of them Western-made.
According to a report by the Army General Command, mine clear operations continue in areas surrounding Damascus, the capital of the country.
During the past days, forces loyal to Damascus have also reported seizure of weapons which were hidden in terrorist group bases, which were expelled from areas in the south of the capital to the north of the country.
After the seizure of villages once controlled by Takfiri formations such as the Levant Liberation Front (formerly Al-Nusra) and Jeish al-Islam, troops loyal to Damascus discovered dozens of tunnels which served as shelter for the radicals.
After the conquest of territories near the capital,the army already controls 75 percent of the national territory, which is experiencing a bloody war imposed by foreign powers since March 2011.
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