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Locals in Northern Aleppo Protest against Turkey-Backed FSA Militants

Tens of locals from the town of Jarabulus, which is located in Northern Aleppo took to the streets, raising its protests against the presence of Turkish-backed forces in their town.

The people specifically called on the Ankara FSA militants and their allies to leave the region, as recent violence inside the town has made it unsafe for the residents.

Moreover, the protests took place shortly after the terrorists infighting resulted in the death of a number of civilians in Jarabulus this past week.

In a similar development on June 2, more than 500 people in Jarabulus embarked on demonstrating against the Turkish troops and their militant allies after Friday Prayers and called for expulsion of gunmen of the Ankara-led Euphrates Shield from their region.

A number of civilians hoisted the Syrian flags in the town and called for reestablishment of Syria’s legal institution.People in Northern Syria Protest against Turkey-Backed Militants

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