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SAA Managed to Dislodge ISIS from al-Aashrafiya and al-Avra

According to Inside Syria Media Center’ military correspondents, The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched an operation against the Islamic State militants in the desert on the border between the provinces of as-Suwayda and Damascus. To be recalled is that they were previously withdrawn from the al-Yarmuk refugee camp.
ISIS militants were evacuated from the southern regions of Damascus to several districts in the south and east of Syria in May.

The SAA has already managed to dislodge ISIS fighters from the areas of al-Ashrafiya and al-Awra northeast of Al-Suwayda and the radicals have retreated towards Tel-Saad, Tamus, Kura, and Kaa-Banat.

ISIS confirms the fact of the operation of the Syrian military. The developments are going to be reported later. Follow the latest news by reading our telegram-channel

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