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Syrian Army Getting Ready for 2nd Phase of Operation in Sweida

The Syrian army successfully repulsed ISIS attack on their positions in Badiyeh Desert while getting ready for the second stage of their large-scale military operations in the region.

This morning the Syrian troops have sent a fresh reinforcementto Northeastern Sweida.

It is also reported that the army units have imposed control over the key areas in the province for the past several days, and the army will soon to initiate a new stage of its operations in Badiyeh to purge the remaining of the terrorists.

At the same time, the army forces engaged in heavy clashes with the militants who entered the army-controlled regions in Northeastern Sweida from East of Tal Barakat, inflicting heavy losses on them and repelling their attack.

Currently the Syrian Army have reached 50km away from al-Tanf region in Southeastern Homs that is still under the US forces’ control.

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