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Syrian Army Continues Advancing against ISIS in Sweida

The Syrian Army managed to push ISIS out of more positions in Badiyeh (desert) after dispatch of more troops and equipment to the Northeastern part of the province.

The government forces senta large number of forces to Tal Asfar and al-Oureh flanks in Badiyeh of Sweida.

At thw same time, the army troops stormed terrorist’s positions in Badiyeh of Sweida and captured several points, including Bir Al-Aroura and Tal Arar areas

Moreover, the Syrian army units engaged in fierce clashes with the ISIL terrorists in Badiyeh region of Sweida province, including al-Harmieh region.

Also, the army’s air force and artillery units struck the ISIS positions in al-Kara’a, al-Habirieh, Kharbat al-Ambashi and al-Tamthouneh regions.

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