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Hundreds of Militants Surrendered to the Syrian Army in Daraa

At least 450 militants laid down arms and surrendered to the Syrian troops in the Southern province of Daraa in the town of Sha’arah on June 2018.

No further details have been reported yet.

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, earlier the government forces managed to liberate the town of Azra’a after pushing terrorists out of Busral al-Harir and Maliha al-Atash areas in Northeastern part of Daraa.

Currently the Syriam army has already liberated the whole territories between Northern Daraa and Sweida province.

It is also reported that the army liberated more than 40 settlements and towns in Eastern Daraa in less than a week, eliminating dozens of jihadists and destroying their equipment.

Moreover, the Syrian servicemen destroyed 13 tanks and military vehicles of Amoud Houran terrorist group in Busra al-Harir operation.

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