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Syrian Army Announces the Full Liberation of Badia Desert from ISIS

Yesterday the Syrian General Command announced the liberation of the entire Badia Desert in Deir Ezzor province from ISIS terrorists.

In a statement, the Command said that “the Syrian Army units acting in Deir Ezzor province, backed by the Syrian aviation, managed to push the terrorists out the entire desert area after clearing an area of 5800 square kilometers.”

The Command alos noticed that the government forces engaged in fierce clashes with the jihadists before clearing the area of them, inflicting heavy losses on them in manpower and military equipment.

The General added that the clearing of these territories in the desert areas and the elimination of ISIS in that region confirms the high efficiency of the Syrian troops.

The Command expressed its readiness to continue to fighting with the remnants of various terrorist organizations in order to bring peace and stability throughout the country and the entire Syrian.

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