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Tensions Aroused In Raqqa Between SDF and Arabs

According to Inside Syria Media Center’ military reports, tension continues to grow inside the SDF where part of the Arab groups clash with the Kurds in Raqqa. Also, activation of the underground resistance groups is stepping up. Their nature, however, remains unclear. Some of the Arab groups pursue interests of Damascus while others of Ankara. Nevertheless, both are interested in eliminating the US-Kurdish occupation, and the number of their protests or attacks has been increasing.

It is proved by the recent additional SDF-forces to Raqqa and by the latest arrests of disloyal militants who began to change their views. All this reflects a tendency that the situation in Raqqa is becoming more and more challenging for the U.S. The internal instability in Rojava forces the invaders to react. In this regard, the State Department has already confirmed that Turkey will be part of the ‘political solution’ and the US, it seems, will do everything possible to cooperate with Erdogan in this matter.

A further intensification of Turkish military activities in the area of Manbij is expected, as well as their possible appearance in Tal-Abyad (an administrative center of the Tell Abyad District within Raqqa Governorate). According to one of the Kurdish policy lobbies in the State Department, Brett McGerk, currently, the negotiations continue between Washington and Ankara on a joint plan to reduce tensions in Rojava region. For the time being the withdrawal of Kurdish forces continue. This is in principle not a surprise considering the experience of Kirkuk and Afrin. It seems that the Kurds are just another pawn, subsidiary coin, for the United States.

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