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Syrian Army is close to liberate Jordanian crossing

The Syrian Army is getting ready to initiate a large-scale attack to liberate the Jordanian crossing located southeast of Daraa city.

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, the government forces have mobilized more troops and military equipment to take part in this upcoming offensive that is focused on the strategic Nassib Crossing.

Before this massive attack, the Syrian troops have launched a nonstop barrage of surface-to-surface missiles on the FSA positions at this crossing.

The missile barrage was launched from the nearby Ghariyah Al-Sharqiyah and it has not only targeted the Nassib Crossing, but also the towns of Saida, Umm Mayadhan, and Al-Matayah.

The elite Tiger Forces have fired the bulk of the surface-to-surface missiles, as it is their troops that are leading the way in southern Daraa.

At the same time, the Syrian and Russian AF have been increasingly active over Daraa, as they also work to weaken the defenses of the FSA and their allies.

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