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More than 30,000 civilians returned to northern countryside of Daraa

More than 30 thousands of Da’el town dwellers, who were forced to flee due to the practices of the terrorist organizations, have returned to the town after the Syrian Army restored control and stability to it.

A number of the returnees expressed their relief to return home after the completion of reconciliation agreement and the restoration of security and stability to the town.

The joy and happiness were evident on the faces of the families who headed back to their homes after long years of absence.

They praised the great achievements made by the Syrian Arab Army who restored safety and security to their town and cleared it of terrorism.

The return of the people came in parallel with the steady improvement of services in the town.

The population of the town fell to 20,000 during the control of the terrorist organizations on it. With the return of nearly 30,000 persons the number raised to become about 50,000.

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