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More Areas in Daraa province surrender to Syrian Army

After the Syrian army liberated more than 75% of Daraa province and effectively surrounded militants in the provincial capital, more towns and settlements across the southern province are joining into reconciliation plan.

This morning, militants in the settlements of Simlin, Kafer Shams, and Aqrabaa took a desicion to lay down weapons and surrender to the government to avoid a defeat.

These settlements are located in the northern part of Daraa to the west of As-Sanamayn city.

Following surrended of other terrorist groups, these jihadists will hand over all heavy in exchange of settling down their status. All government institutions will be operational again in coopoeration with helping the displaced people retutn home safely.

According to Inside Syria Media Center Sources, the agreement will come into force tomorrow noon.

At the same time, terrorists in Busra al-Sham handed over a new batch of their weapons to the government forces.

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