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Syrian Army Controls 80 % of Daraa

The Syrian Army continued to advance against terrorists in Daraa provine after imposing control over four-fifths of the Southern province.

The Syrian troops have already driven terrorists out of Wheat Silos, Gas Company Building and Central Prison in Dara’a city outskirts after finishing operation in Qaraz region.

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, the government forces have expanded control over 80% of Daraa.

At the same time, the engineering units began cleansing the newly-liberated regions and detected a large volume of military equipment, weapons and ammunition, including tanks, US and European-made missiles, mortar shells, RPG rockets.

Let us remind you, the Syrian army initiated a rapid march on terrorists and freed the entire border with Jordan.

Currently, the only area in Daraa still run by terrorists is a few-kilometer-long chunk in the western part of the province.

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