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Syrian Army liberates 3 strategic town in northwestern Daraa

This morning, the Syrian Army units and the allied forces achieved their first major breakthrough in northwest part of Daraa province after the jihadists agreed to surrender three towns.

According to Inside Syria Media Center source in Daraa, the FSA militants agreed to handover the towns of Inkhil, Mazyreb, and Kafr Shams after a fruitful round of talks with the Syrian government.

It should be mentioned, that Kafr Shams is located at the northeastern rim of the imperative Daraa Triangle; This area had been run by FSA group since late 2014.

The government forces along National Defence Forces are now getting ready to enter these three towns to let the militants to lay down the medium and heavy weapons.

This advance will let the Syrian army to make its first major advance into the Daraa Triangle.

Having liberated Kafr Shams, the Syrian troops will get access to the key town of Tal Al-Harrah, which is arguable the most important point in southwest Syria.


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