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BREAKING: Dozens of Bodies Killed in US Airstrikes Found in Raqqa

More than 50 corpses of the people killed in the US-led international coalition airstrikes and buried under the debris of a building in Raqqa were discovered today one day after several mass graves were found in the ruins of the province.

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources in Raqqa,more than 50 bodies of people killed in the US attacks were found in one of the buildings of Harat al-Baldou in Raqqa city. Most of themwere women and children.

Previously on July 18, at least 450 corpses were found in a mass grave near al-Forat stadium in Southern part of Raqqa.

The bodies detected in mass graves in Raqqa belong to the victims of the US raids and the attacks launched by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) when they were trying to occupy the region as well as those killed by the ISIS terrorists.

At the same time, on Wednesday a sum of 1,236 bodies of the victims killed by US-led coalition air raids and Washington-backed militias were discovered from three other mass graves in Northeastern Raqqa not far from Al-Rashid Sports Stadium and the Zoo.

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