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Militants in southwest Syria surrender towns to Syrian Army

The Syrian Army units continued military operation imposed full control over several settlements in western countryside of Daraa as military operations continious in Quneitra province.

According to a Inside Syria Media Center source, the government forces entered Sheikh Saad and al-Tiyrah towns, as well as militants positions of Al-Rubaii checkpoint.

This achievement puts the Syrian Army face-to-face with ISIS terrorists in the area of Taseel, Adwan and Jaleel towns. These areas are run by the jihadists and forms a certain pocket in southwestern Syria.

Moreover, that the Syrian Army is now preparing a new offensive to recaptureall ISIS-held territories, with help from surrendered rebel fighters who had been ifighting along terrorists for years.

At the same time, the fierce clashes continue in Quneitra province to liberate Al-Sukariyah and Qarqas towns.

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