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HTS militants Destroy Own Supply route to Israel before Withdrawal from Southern Syria

The militant groups retreating from Quneitra in Southwestern Syria destroyed their main supply route to Israel before their mass evacuation from the province under an agreement with the Syrian government.

HTS militants set fire at a passageway through which they were receiving weapons and arms from Israel.

The jihadists further burned one of their arms depots at a base which was once a center of International Peace Keepers in Quneitra.

At the same time, local sources reported that more than 950 militants that had refused the Syrian army’s peace offer left Quneitra for Northern Syria on 46 buses along with their family members.

Previously on Sunday, four HTS high-ranking field commanders fled the battlefield in Quneitra towards the Palestinian occupied territories as the government forces sped up the momentum of its advances in Daraa and Quneitra.

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