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Tens of buses carrying hundreds of militants left Quneitra countryside

For the past three days, hundreds of militants who reject the settlement were transfered from Quneitra countryside along with their family members towards northern part of Syria in implementation of the agreement which considers for evacuating all the settlements and towns of the province from the armed manifestation and for the return of the state institutions to it.

Last night more than 40 buses with 959 terrorists and their family members on according to the agreement which stipulates for the return of the Syrian Army to the positions in which it used to be before 2011.

The agreement also includes the exit of jihadists who reject the settlement to Idlib province and settling the legal status of those who are willing to stay.

It is reported that all the buses left the village of Um Batina through Jaba corridor after gathering the terrorists from all the settlements and towns of Quneitra countryside.


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