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Syrian Army attacks terrorists near Turkish border

The Syrian Army initiated another round of powerful attack on the terrorist defense lines in the northern part of Latakia province this week.

Backed by artillery and missile units, the government forces several times struck HTS fortifications inside the Jabal Turkmen and Jabal Al-Akrad regions.

According to a military source from Latakia, the Syrian troops also attacked the jihadist positions north of Sarraf in Jabal Turkmen and Kabani in Jabal Al-Akrad.

After the full liberation of the southwestern Syria, the Syrian army will shift its attention to the northern Latakia axes, where they intend to liberate the entire Turkish border with this province.

Moreover, the government forces have set their sights on the Jisr Al-Shughour District and the northern part of the Al-Ghaab Plain, which are currently run by the jihadist rebels.


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