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How Russia, Turkey, and Iran are Going to Avoid a Battle for Idlib

The UN Senior Advisor for Syria Jan Egeland says Russia, Turkey, and Iran told UN humanitarian meeting that they would do their utmost to avoid a battle for Idlib.

Probably small de-escalation areas will be established, and full controlled humanitarian corridors will be set up. By these actions, civilians will be supported with medical aid, water, and food. Currently, Syrian AF leaflets messages calling to end the war and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is trying to negotiate with small opposing groups and villages throughout Idlib province.

In this regard, it should not be forgotten the success of the SAA in al-Suweida province as well as Assad’s amnesty to the opposing forces and terrorists.

Meanwhile, Advisor said the United Nations would ask Turkey to continue to open its borders to civilians if a battle broke out in Idlib.

Turkey asserts that it is working to keep Idlib a safe area for Syrians along with the northern countryside of Aleppo, and warns European countries of the possibility of massive waves of displacement towards them may not be able to stop them.

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